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Manufacturing Capacity

We are always working to pursue innovation and improve our working efficiency. With the latest technology and mature working patterns, Huanyu has become a professional wire mesh manufacturer with our certification to ISO 9001-2000.

Founded in 1992, Huanyu is a professional woven wire mesh manufacturer of more than 25-year experience. It covers an area of 61,734 square meters, plant area of 40,000 square meters, and equipped with advanced production equipment. Both the advanced production facilities and extensive production experience guarantee a sound support for high-quality wire mesh manufacturing.

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Wire Drawing Workshop

The stainless steel wire rod is tapered after the wire drawing, and then an annealing is carried out to meet the customers' requirement.

Raw Material Workshop
Wire diameter, tension and other parameters of stainless-steel wire will be tested by quality control inspectors before being sent to the weaving workshop.

Weaving Mesh Workshop
Woven metal wires, used as warp threads, are wound in parallel with each other on a warp beam (or wire roller) for the subsequent weaving process, which is called the warping.

There are two workshops available here, which include 200 wire weaving equipment sets. The annual production capacity arrives to 20,000 square meters. Mesh opening size ranging from 0.02mm to 5mm(from 1 to 635 mesh) could be produced here. We also provide wires of customized width.

Inspecting Workshop
Quality control will be carried out throughout the whole manufacturing process, and quality testing will also be delivered to finished products. Only qualified ones could be allowed to enter the warehouse and await delivery.

Flattening Workshop
The stainless steel wire features high rigidity and superior coiling ability, so we need to expand the metal wire mesh to decrease its rigidity and make the surface significantly flat, thus providing much convenience for customers.

Vajra mesh manufacturing workshop
Powder coating and baking offer stainless-steel vajra mesh a more pleasing appearance and a more uniform color.

Sintering Workshop
The metal fiber sintered felt is composed of several metal wires. After stretching, bundling and cutting procedures, a soft sintered metal fiber felt is produced. Then the soft fiber felts of different diameters need to be arranged successively to form thick fibers. Every two fibers cross each other to form an opening, and then a finished sintered felt is available. A strict testing about the precision and air permeability is delivered to finished products before putting to the warehouse and being delivered.

Finished Product Warehouse
We have 3 ultra-large warehouses, with a high volume of woven wire meshes, welded wire meshes, sintered filtration media and filter elements. It enables us to have a quick delivery.